'President Rajapakse increased his salary three fold in 2006'
Mar 17, 2010
Addressing the media at the UNP media unit today (17), Mangala Samaraweera, the UNP (M) leader and UNF candidate at the forthcoming General elections said , the President Rajapakse proved what he is truly capable of ,and his ambitions in becoming the President of this country by increasing his salary three fold in 2006. His predecessors could have also done that, but they did not, because they put the people’s welfare before their own.

His Mahinda chinthana at the 2005 Presidential elections, or the moth eaten manifesto of his made countless promises in a 84 page document unlike the new UNF Manifesto which is contained only in two leaves.. After winning the elections, he created a record by not fulfilling a single promise. When the UNP challenged him earlier to prove that at least he fulfilled one pledge, he and his Govt. began slinking from the challenge, he asserted.

This is a Govt . Which could not provide a roof for the shelter-less. The benefits granted to the Samurdhi recipients too were curtailed. Even the Samurdhi officers who were promised motor bikes to facilitate their samurdhi activities were not given. But, the Govt. has succeeded in politicizing that sphere .Some Samurdhi officers are acting now as Govt. election campaign officers running political offices for the Govt. candidates while neglecting their legitimate duties, Samaraweera observed

The UNF manifesto has answers to every problem faced by the people in every sector. It is just a two leaf two year success document , because it focuses on action rather than on words .The UNF having realized the inanity of a 84 page Mahinda Chinthana which did not reach anywhere beyond the words contained in it , has reduced the words in its own manifesto to be more effective deed wise, he pinpointed.

Courtesy: UNP Media