Editorial: Memories are beautiful……
Mar 17, 2010
Beautiful indeed are the memories of May 18, 2009 when the whole country celebrated the unification of the motherland.

Would the people have scaled down the intensity of their celebrations if they knew that ten months down line the commander who led the army would face a court martial? That he would claim that Sri Lanka has committed war crimes and pit himself against the President who gave the political leadership to war.

A tricky question. After a too good-to be true war victory the realists were expecting a misstep. The optimists, buoyant by the war victory were confident that the luck would last long.

While the fall out of the General and President was indeed unfortunate and many lament over the arrest of the former Commander one may also say things could have been worse. Would the General have spared the President and family if he won the elections? Wouldn’t there have been a blood bath? These are the questions on everyone’s lips.

So now that the military courts procedure is on, the question is what’s next?

A presidential pardon? This is something that many speculate since there’s no way of one letting him go after such elaborate plans to try him in a military court. By pardoning the former Commander after he is found guilty the president can certainly take the moral high ground.

The other option, sending him to jail for a few years is going to be quite counter productive, at least from the government’s point of view since it is likely to earn more sympathizers for Fonseka. While the majority of countrymen voted against the General at the presidential polls, sending him to jail for many years is not something that would be to the liking of bulk of the supporters of President Rajapaksa.

The only hitch for the government is the worry as to what course of action the General will resort to if he is set free. Will he try to create more damage by aligning himself with the local and especially international forces bent on sending the government home?

With the signs of the UNP led alliance grabbing almost 95% of opposition votes in the South the future of the JVP-Fonseka alliance, the DNA is going to look pretty gloomy in the next parliament. Whether Fonseka will continue to be a star or not will depend on the manner in which the government is going to handle his case.

Courtesy: Daily mirror