Mahinda’s ‘devil’s law’ that bans Fonseka but spares Gota
Mar 16, 2010
It is reported that Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse has become an important speaker on UPFA election stages and is deeply engaged in the UPFA election campaign. Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse participated in 9 rallies of UPFA candidate Duminda Silva held in Colombo District on the 14th and in all these rallies he had asked the voters to vote Duminda Silva to the top position in the preferential list.

This was revealed when news broadcast of ‘Hiru FM’, the radio channel of Duminda Silva’s brother, broadcast this report as the main theme of its news broadcast on the 14th. According to this news broadcast the Defense Secretary had taken part in three meetings at Kolonnawa, two at Homagama and meetings at Maharagama, Kesbawa, Colombo North and Kotte.

The issue here is not the oratory skill of the Defense Secretary or his partiality to the UPFA, his brother’s party, but the same law is implemented to two persons in two different ways.

The main allegation against Gen. Sarath Fonseka who is brought before the military tribunal today is that he has had connections with political parties and their leaders while he was serving the SL Army. This allegation is brought against the General as engaging in politics is prohibited for officials in administrative service and officers of the security services. The General is an officer of SL Army while the Defense Secretary is an official of the state administrative service.

However, the law that is applied for Gen. Sarath Fonseka is not implemented for Gotabhaya Rajapakse. This may be because he is a sibling of President Mahinda Rajapkse.

Courtesy: Lanka Truth