Two-thirds majority will form dictatorship: Arjuna
By Kusal Chamath
Mar 16, 2010
Kalutara District Democratic National Alliance candidate Arjuna Ranathunga said the government was seeking a two-thirds majority in parliament to form a dictatorship by amending the constitution for their own advantage.

He pointed out the constitution could have been amended with the help of all other parties if the government really wanted to do so.

Addressing a meeting at Arukgoda in Panadura he further said: “The government is attempting to hoodwink the people and to create a dictatorship and to further suppress their democratic rights.

“However, the people will not be misled by the deceitful propaganda of the government. Today the rule of law has declined and the law enforcement institutions including police are subject to political interferences.

“General Sarath Fonseka who risked his life to save the county from the 30-year-old separatist war is today in jail. He was victimized for contesting the Presidential Election.

Our party will stand by him and save him from his predicament. The ruling party parliamentarians want to remain in power by hook or by crook.

They are prepared to resort to any corrupt practice to gain cheap political mileage. It is a matter of serious concern that corrupt individuals are elected to parliament.

Corruption and malpractices are the orders of the day today.

However the government has allowed this situation to go on unchecked and to safeguard the corrupt individuals. The ministers have erected large cut-outs and hoardings by the roadsides and even in front of police stations regardless of election laws.

However, if they had served the public for the last six years they need not erect hoardings in this manner.

People will have no relief until corruption and malpractices and the waste of public funds are wiped out. The need of the hour is to elect a team of honest men to govern the country”

Kalutara District DNA candidate Nalinda Jayatissa and several local politicians addressed the meeting.

Courtesy: Daily Mirror