'UNF Govt. will account for every cent collected from people unlike this Govt. which fattens on people’s despair'
Mar 15, 2010
UNP Gen. Secretary Tissa Attanayake addressing the Press conference at the UNP media unit today (15), said, the President is making another hollow promise at this Gen. election like its many in the Mahinda chinthana to curtail the present 113 Ministers to 35 if the UPFA wins. Mr. Attanayake challenged the President to show how he can do it practically when his 113 Ministers are contesting the Gen.election.

Unlike this Rajapakse Govt. which is gobbling up people’s money and indulging in wasteful self fattening financial exercises , the UNF govt. when it comes to power will account for every cent it collects from the people, Attanayake assured.

The Ministers under this Govt. have been condemned recently by one of its own Minister Champika Ranawake for corruption and extravagance spending more than Rs. 300 million on individual election propaganda . This Minister has himself questioned as to how these Ministers amassed so much wealth? Attanayake noted.

Some Ministers have their own houses , yet claim Rs. 100, 000/- as house rent monthly from the Govt.. All these wastages and corrupt activities will be stopped once and for all by the UNF after it is installed in power . The UNP will curtail all perks of the Ministers and increase the benefits for the people . If this Govt. had thought of the people and their welfare more and of its self prosperity less, most of the fiscal problems in the country could have been eased , he pinpointed .

The only program the govt. has successfully implemented since its advent , is the ‘fooling and cooling the people’ program. One again , in his stupid characteristic style Dr. G L Peiris had announced that the Govt. will seek Court action if GSP + is not granted to SL. Doesn’t he know that the GSP + was refused by the European Union (EU) because of SL ‘s putrid human rights record ? After signing international agreements when obtaining the GSP + to protect human rights and adhere to the terms of those international agreements , the Rajapakse Govt. failed to comply . This was the reason why the GSP + was withdrawn . It is not because of any fault of the EU . In the circumstances , how can Dr. Peiris talk of Court action ? Surely , this is part of the Govt.’s ‘fooling and cooling the people’ program , Attanayake observed.

Courtesy: UNP Media