For war on development: Country needs strong Parliament
Mar 15, 2010
After the defeat of terrorism, we are today faced with a development war. Therefore, we need a strong Parliament, Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka said.

Speaking after opening the new computer units at Palannoruwa Maha Vidyalaya and also at Taxila Kanishta Vidyalaya, Horana, the Prime Minister said, that we couldn’t be tied down to circulars in our accelerated march towards developing the country and added that a strong Parliament with a two thirds majority is needed to fulfill this task.

The people have got an opportunity to elect such a strong Government at the April 8 General Election, he said.

“We will make a prosperous country through a series of development programs in all spheres. There will also be a change in the election system.

“People expect a speedy development. In this process, these can’t be stumbling blocks such as the existing rules and regulations.

“We must also create an environment conducive to such changes. We have launched a program to supply computer units to all village schools in Horana electorate. We will equip our village children with the latest technology in the world through this program.

“We must also give a good English education to our children. Both English and technology have become highly indispensable for our students today, the Prime Minister said.

Education officials, principals, parents and several others were also present.

Courtesy: Daily News