Detention of Fonseka analogous to illegal detention of winning candidate in Myanmar - UNP
Mar 13, 2010
The main Opposition party the UNP which issued a statement yesterday (12) on the arbitrary arrest and continued illegal detention of Gen. Sarath Fonseka , the Presidential candidate at the last Presidential candidate said , Gen . Fonseka’s detention is akin to the illegal detention of Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar after the elections.

The Govt.‘s strategy was to preclude Gen. Fonseka who won the last Presidential elections from going for litigation against the allegedly fraudulent election results published by the Govt. The Govt. ‘s vendetta against its rivals and opponents are so vicious that it has even started punishing police officers who performed their duties duly during elections , but did not fall in line with the Govt.’s orders.

The Govt. which charged Gen. Fonseka of conspiracy to topple the Govt. , has now dropped these charges, while the other indictments are those not coming within the Army Act . This is proof that the govt. is keeping the General in custody on false and trumped up charges.

It is a fundamental right of any citizen to contest an election after his retirement from the Govt., civil or military service .The Govt. cannot charge him for that .

The UNP urged the immediate release of Gen. Fonseka . The Govt. in its witch hunt cannot victimize him .The Army Commander must apologize to the General, and the Govt. must be ever grateful to him for the unique services he rendered to the country by defeating the terrorists. Not any of the so called self proclaimed patriots of the Govt. however loudly they may shout from rooftops can take his place, the UNP pointed out.

The UNP which expects to come to power at the upcoming elections will immediately release the General who is illegally detained, the statement added.

Courtesy: UNP Media