President says that the working community will not let the motherland down
Mar 12, 2010
The President Mahinda Rajapaksa said the working community is not ready to let down the motherland in the face of narrow political advantages. Some parties boasted on many election promises during past few years.

The President requests working community to lend their maximum support to form a stable parliament to develop the country for the future generation by eliminating corruption.

The President addressing a conference held at the Sugathadasa Stadium today said the Government has always placed confidence on the working community. The leftist movement has joined with the Government to defeat petty political advantages.

The President also noted that the working community worked with the Government to annihilate terrorism.

The President pointed out that every government in post-independent Sri Lanka tried to copy other countries in their development strategies. But, Mahinda Chinthana policy manifesto has introduced an original programme to develop the country as a unique entity. Mahinda Chinthana policy manifesto covers all challenges that could be encountered in the future.

The President insisted that the government will take measures to harness the working community with many skills such as technology, and language.

Audio Clip from SLBC:

Courtesy: GDI