'This government throws challenges in Sinhalese but kneels down in English'
Mar 12, 2010
The present government conceals everything from masses, howl abuse in Sinhalese but kneel in front of foreign states and carry out their agendas in a dastardly manner says General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva.

Speaking at a press conference held at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta today (12th) Mr. Silva said, "The JVP unconditionally opposes interventions in affairs of our Motherland which jeopardizes its sovereignty. It is we who first opposed all foreign interventions in our country that occurred in the past. There are ample examples that could be shown. However, we should understand that we have to live with other countries in the world. Hence, we have certain liabilities with the UNO.

The government followed a double-dealing policy. The government followed one policy in Sinhalese and another for the foreigners. Specially, during the election periods the government, while giving in to foreign lands, smeared itself with patriotism. That's why we reveal the treacherousness of this government.

The first matter is the UNO mediation that came up recently. The government made various statements regarding this. Interestingly, all these statements were in Sinhalese. However, on the 10th the Secretary General of the UNO, holding a press conference in Now York, said a joint statement between the UNO and the government of Sri Lanka was signed immediately after the end of the war but the government did not act according to the agreement. He also said the President agreed for the visit of Lynn Pascoe to Sri Lanka. However, the President in Sinhalese says he severely reprimanded the 'chief.' In English he has knelt before the UNO.

Now the issue is the government's act of concealing the joint agreement signed with the UNO. According to Mr. Ban Ki-moon there are three main matters in the agreement signed between Sri Lanka and the UNO.

They are
1. Establishing a political conciliatory alliance
2. a meticulous programme for the displaced and
3. the responsibility of the government regarding human rights violations.

The government has not mentioned anything about these matters. The political halfwits who agitate opposite embassies do not know anything about these. The government which blurts out insults on the UNO on election stages has stealthily paved the way necessary for foreign interventions in Sri Lanka.

Recently Ms. Nirupama Rao was in the island. Some of the issues that were discussed were connected with our internal affairs. This is the first time a consulate office would be opened in Jaffna. In these discussions they had also discussed the constitution of Sri Lanka. However, there has been no statement to the people regarding this.

Now the government states the constitution has already been compiled. The government also shows the constitution to India. However, it is concealed from the people. The people are asked for a 2/3rd majority for a constitutional change. We tell this government that it should show the constitution to the people. Why can't they show it to the people if they could show it to India? If they ask for a 2/3rd majority from the people they should show the constitution to the people. People have a right to see it before they cast their votes. We emphasize that the constitution should be shown to the people before the election.

It is like requesting power to rear an animal. The government asks power to rear an animal. We don't know whether this animal is a pup, a kitten or a ferocious tiger. Hence, we ask the government to present their constitution to the people.

The government first said they would not have to beg due to the withdrawal of GSP+ to the country by the European Commission. They said they would not kneel down before EC. However, now the government is sending a team of envoys to Brussels to ask for GSP+. They throw abuse at the EC in public while secretly they go in their knees to beg for GSP. They don't give any publicity for the kneeling process. This is a government that has existed for 16 years. However, they act as if they have just been elected. They ask a mandate to build the country anew. There is nothing said about the past. They use only the advantage of the end of the war.

When we add all these facts together it is evident that there is a foreign intervention. However, it is the government that has paved the way for this foreign intervention. It is the government that has violated human rights, suppressed the media, is oppressing political opponents and denying democracy. Hence, those political nincompoops who raise boards opposite embassies should do so in front of the Temple Trees. For, it is the government that has given opportunities for all foreign interventions. This is a very sorry state; our country is being allowed to be subjugated by foreign powers.

The masses should comprehend the double acting of this government carried out by trickery and cunning and oppose it. We say we should actively and with awareness oppose all foreign interventions. We would reveal the contradictory double dealing of the government. We would rally against it. We call upon all masses to rally with us to oppose this treacherousness.

Mr. Anura Dissanayake, former Parliamentrian of the JVP too was present.

Courtesy: Lanka Truth