'We won’t listen to Navaneethan Pillai'
Mar 12, 2010
R. Duminda Silva says that the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights Navaneethan Pillai and the Human Rights activists are once again inflicting pressure on Sri Lanka.

He stated that certain individuals were pretending to represent Human Rights internationally and inserting pressure on independent countries with the intention of obtaining petty gains.

Meanwhile speaking further while addressing a public meeting which was held recently in Kotahena, R. Duminda Silva also stated as follows:

"The United nations Secretary General has said that he will appoint a panel of intellectuals to advise him on the matter relating to Sri Lanka. However the President very clearly explained to him that there is no requirement for the appointment of such a panel. It is true that we are a member nation of the United Nations Organisation. However we are not a colony to accept what ever that is said by the High Commissioner of Human Rights Navaneethan Pillai or the UN Human Rights Council. Navaneethan Pillai and Ban Ki-moon must understand that our leader President Mahinda Rajapaksa is a who has arisen from the village and walked on the soil of this country and is a leader who has a backbone and does not bow down to every whim and fancy of the Western Nations and he is not a leader who embraces the west and follow their ideologies like Ranil Wickremesinghe. We are now in the process of establishing law and order after ending a 30-year-old war.

The next step is the development drive. However, Human Rights is required and accordingly by the President is dedicated towards this. We can provide support for this cause at the forthcoming General Election. On the 8th of April the people of this country will provide a 2/3rds majority in Parliament for the President and provide a very clear reply to Navaneethan Pillai and Ban Ki-moon and tell them to fly a kite or to go jump over the moon."

Courtesy: Island