A Minister receives Rs. 38 lakhs per year as Salaries : But some of them have spent Rs. 300 million on cutouts
Mar 11, 2010
The salaries collected by a Minister of the Cabinet is Rs. 38 lakhs per year, but some of them have spent as much as Rs. 300 million to display cutouts and paste posters .Even as of today, these candidates have spent Rs. 300 million on cutouts and posters.It is best the people try to probe why these candidates are wasting so much money to win elections. The reasons are obvious, he added.

It is none other than Minister Champika Ranawake who made these denunciations.

The Minister added that individuals who are practicing hooliganism, involved in frauds and corruption should be prevented from entering Parliament. In the future, he urged, Sri Lankans should think and act carefully to elect Parliamentarians who are educated, well character-ed, well bred and from respectable professions .

Courtesy: LankaeNews