Police 'Gotafied' 10 senior officers dismissed on false charges
Mar 11, 2010
IGP Mahinda Balasooriya has dismissed Chief Inspectors of Police from duty and sent on compulsory leave a Senior Police Superintendent and a Police Superintendent on orders from the Secretary of Defense The orders are to be effective immediately.

SSD Noel Chandana Kudahetti who was in charge of administration and development section of Police Headquarters and SP J.R Jayawardene have been sent on compulsory leave.

The charge against SSP Kudahetti is ordering a search of a printing press without a search warrant on 6th January. It was revealed that the poster that was being printed at the time of the search of the printing press was with the theme 'No simple fun' to sling mud at Gen. Sarath Fonseka.

SP J.R. Jayawardene has been sent on compulsory leave on charges of misconduct during presidential election. SP Jayawardene, who was serving in Ampara District, was transferred to Killinochchi District during the election and on the mediation of the Commissioner of Elections his transfer was cancelled. The reason for his transfer to Killinochchi was not adhering to the orders given by government politicians to deploy police personnel to protect posters and cutouts of presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapakse. The people in the area and election monitoring organizations had protested against this transfer.

Among the Inspectors of Police who have been dismissed from service is the OIC of Kurunegala Police station M.S.K. Wickremanayake. During presidential election Mr. Wickremanayake was involved in the incident in which several SL Navy vehicles weee apprehended with posters slinging mud at the General and cases of liquor.

Also, all other Inspectors of Police were officers who served impartially during the presidential election. The present government took steps to send a large number of Army officers on compulsory leave who had not worked partial to the government. The same procedure has reached the police department at present. Political analysts point out that the government asks for 2/3rd majority at the general election to carry out such atrocities.

Courtesy: Lanka Truth