'Ugly head of evil forces rising again'
Mar 10, 2010
"Although the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva has given a positive response about Sri Lanka, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's decision to appoint a panel of experts to advice him on Sri Lanka is totally uncalled for and unwarranted. The Government has vehemently condemned that step. The danger of terrorism has not been eliminated completely and the people must realize this fact", the Minister of Export Development and International Trade, Professor G.L. Peiris said at the weekly cabinet briefing held at the Government Information Department today (10).

He pointed out that the government is acting closely with the international community. Under such a situation it is unacceptable and illegal to appoint a committee to look into alleged human rights violations by the United Nations Secretary-General. This act is in contradiction to the basic charter promulgated with the establishment of the United Nations in 1946.

He reiterated that acting in a manner to fulfill the needs of powerful western countries could not be approved by any means and this was an anti-civilized act.

“The ugly head of evil political forces that opposed the fight against terrorism is rising again. Several foreign and local bodies including a section of the international community have become a part of this malicious attempt,” he noted.

He said further that the UPFA will secure two thirds majority in parliament at the coming General Election reinforcing the public acceptance of the Government’s path to development.

Audio Clip from SLBC:

Courtesy: GDI