Moves to strengthen LTTE abroad - PM
by Saman Indrajith
Mar 10, 2010
Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka told Parliament yesterday that there were international forces unfavourable to us attempting to strengthen the LTTE terrorist organisation abroad.

They are assisted by certain local elements that wish to destabilize the Government and arrest the country's rapid economic development drive, Prime Minister Wickramanayaka said.

The Prime Minister making his statement moving the motion to extend the State of Emergency by another one month, said certain elements attempting to strengthen the LTTE were arrested in Germany and another LTTE working abroad was arrested in Dehiwala.

"There were anti-Sri Lankan schemes in progress with the support of certain super powers in the world as well as certain other organisations."

The Prime Minister expressed his regret over the fact that there were groups in the country who were engaged in collecting facts and distorting them to support cooked up allegations put forward by anti national forces.

The Prime Minister said the Government had never misused the provisions of emergency laws against the people to suppress the freedom of expression or the rights of trade unions. "But there are certain parties that distort facts to say that the Government is abusing the emergency law," he said. He said the intelligence units have received information of the sinister moves against the country and Government. "We have to act against these forces."

The Prime Minister also stated the Government created the conditions for the people in the North and East to regain their right by defeating terrorism.

Within a short period they would have the chance to elect their own representatives, he said. He queried as to whether we should deprive these opportunities under the influence of other unfavourable forces.

The Government's objective is to develop the country rapidly as it was pushed back by years. There are countries and sections that would not like to see our emergence as a prosperous nation in Asia, the Prime Minister said.

He queried as to what was wrong in the emergence of another developed country in Asia.

He said all those sinister influences that hurt the feelings of innocent people should be wiped out along with what remained of the LTTE that attempts to pull down this nation to dark ages of the past.

Courtesy: Daily News