Health is wealth ; but for Rajapakse Govt. ,National health is anathema
Mar 9, 2010
Addressing a UNP District conventions on 7th at Nuwara eliya and Bandarawela, Opposition and UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe , asked whether the people are wishing for an unhealthy Health sector under a sick Govt. prostrated by its ill conceived national programs , or a health sector which is robust under a Govt. which is free from ‘sicknesses’ ? The Sri Lankans will have to make the choice at the forthcoming Gen. elections. A vote for the UNF means a vote for national health and wealth ,he declared.

The first thing the UNP will do as it comes to power is clearing the health sector of all the illnesses in the sector while attending to the sicknesses of patients. All kinds of illnesses have started raging in the country because the Health sector itself is diseased. It is like the Doctor who is expected to treat the patient having contracted an incurable debilitating illness himself.

The Mahinda Chinthana had started destroying the health sector with the dengue . In the last two months , 50 patients have died . Even the murderer maru sira did not claim so many lives .

Although the President speaks about the importance of Health , and promises to provide a n excellent health service to the people , because of the cut backs on the allocations to the sector , the whole Health sector is crumbling with all kinds of diseases taking toll of people’s lives.

Hence, it is for the people to decide whether to allow this Rajapakse regime which had not even spared the health sector from its bungling to further devastate the country , or to vote for the UNF which has all the plans and programs to develop not only the health of the people , but even the wealth of the country , Ranil pointed out.

In 2008 , the allocation of funds for the health sector was 19000, million. But in 2009 it was curtailed to Rs. 13000 million , whereas in fact , the allocation should have been actually increased .

The Health Ministry ‘s putrid record is as follows : 48 dengue deaths in two months; over 10 died due to use of unclean injection vials; two died of rubella vaccination ;and many deaths of patients were accelerated owing to Hospital facilities being inadequate .

The Govt. has mortgaged this country to the foreign commercial Banks . Obviously ,when the economy is nose diving due to fiscal bungling of the Govt. e very Govt. sphere gets afflicted . The country’s financial straits is so monumental that the Govt. is making cut backs on even the allocations for the development of the Health sector , educational and agricultural - the vital areas for country’s progress, he emphasized.

Courtesy: UNP Media