Dinesh wants pledge from MPs: No more liquor permits
Mar 9, 2010
An undertaking should be elicited from all candidates contesting the April 8 Parliamentary Election that they would not permit more liquor outlets to be opened in their areas, MEP leader and Urban Development and Sacred Area Development Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said yesterday.

Addressing the Shasanarakshaka Bala Mandalaya Maharagama and Pannipitiya at the Divisional Secretariat Maharagama, he said the self-sufficient and rich indigenous economy was turned upside down by the colonial rule.

“From time immemorial the freedom of our people was defended by our national heroes whose blood, sweat and toil were given to protect our country. But during the colonial period, the country was gradually introduced to the habit of alcohol making people weak,” he said.

“President Mahinda Rajapaksa introduced the Mathata Thitha policy of discouraging the alcohol habit. We should get every candidate contesting the Parliamentary Election to give a promise that they will not allow any new wine shops or places where alcohol is served to be opened,” he said.

“During my career as a Parliamentarian I have not permitted any alcohol outlets to be opened in the electorate I represent,” the Minister said.

The Maha Sangha always worked to preserve our national tradition and the freedom of our people.

We have once again certain western powers that helped the separatist terrorists trying to meddle in the internal affairs of our country. It would be the main responsibility of the next Parliament to defeat all such efforts,” he said. (WN)

Courtesy: Daily News