'I entered politics to win for women their lost rights'
Mar 8, 2010
Galle district UPFA candidate Geetha Kumarasingha and Colombo District UNP candidate Rosy Senanayake are two popular and attractive contestants seeking entry to the Legislature.

Speaking to Lankapuvath the two personalities expressed their views on taking to politics.

Rosy was of the view that it was very unjust that there was little representation of women for Parliament in an age where the world can interact without borders as a global village at the press of a button. Our women have very little advantages or privileges she said.

Our women contribute to the economy in the Free Trade Zones, as migrant workers or in the plantation but they are mot amply rewarded. There is no programme to look into the problems of migrant workers or domestic violence or unwelcome pregnancies.

Women find it difficult to obtain loan facilities or come up to the position of chief householder, therefore remedies have to be provided through the Constitution of the country and for this move women should enter Parliament where they can speak on their problems.

‘I am seeking entry to Parliament on these issues’ she said and also she appealed to the people to vote for women and consider them as deserving for election on behalf of all the women in the country.

Geetha Kumarasingha says that representation of women was not improving and that women deserve better recognition. As a mature person she seeks admission to Parliament to pave the way for more women to come into Parliament because ‘poor representation for women is unjust on all women’.

Geetha further added that she could have enjoyed all the comforts she wanted having achieved what she is today through hard work and difficulties or even found an opportunity to enter on the national list, but she thought it better to go to the people, identify their grievances and solutions for them.

So far women have come into politics on many occasion either because of the death of their father or husband and on his vote count expressed both Rosy and Geetha.

But meeting challenges of today both spoke of the necessity of getting the brave women to come forward and taking up the cause of women.

They both feel that people were responding to them favourably and vowed to secure the women.

Geetha finally added that her electorate, Benthara - Elpitiya has not had a representative for 10 years.

Courtesy: Lankapuvath