Five charges against Fonseka
By Jamila Najmuddin and Supun Dias
Mar 8, 2010
General Sarath Fonseka will be tried on over five charges under the Army Act and will face a court martial within the next few days, Army Spokesperson Major General Prasad Samarasingha told Daily Mirror Online.

According to the military, the summary of evidence over charges against General Fonseka, made in compliance with provisions of the Army Act was completed and handed over to Army Commander over the weekend.

Major General Prasad Samarasingha said that legal officers in the Army Directorate of Legal Services are now in the process of reviewing the contents and maintain that there is a prima facie case against General Fonseka on more than five charges under the Army Act.

He added that the Army Commander, in receipt of legal consultations is expected to appoint the Court Martial for trial in the next few days.

The summary of evidence, recorded by Army Chief of Staff Major General Daya Rathnayaka as appointed recording officer was completed within a period of 22 days after obtaining evidence from 35 individuals, inclusive of 22 Army personnel, 7 Police officers and 6 civilians. (Daily Mirror online)

Audio Clip from Radio Australia:

Courtesy: Daily Mirror