'Govt did not put development on hold taking cover behind the conflict'
Mar 8, 2010
"Within four years, the Government was able to wipe out terrorism through President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s bold and upright leadership. Similarly he would give leadership to achieve economic renaissance in the country. The Government did not delay the implementation of development projects taking cover behind the conflict.

Results of such projects would not come overnight but when the results come, the economy of the country would become sound”, Minister of Construction and Engineering Services Rajitha Senaratne said at a media conference held at Mahaweli Center today (08).

"The challenge of eradication of poverty was a serious one and the Government was taking steps in this direction. Marching ahead with the development drive while preserving the country's social values is a big responsibility”, the Minister said.

"Today we face the challenge of developing the country. To meet this task we have to utilize new technology and increase production.We have already set off on this arduous journey," said the Minister.

Minister stated “It is proud to say that the International Monetary Fund has classified Sri Lanka as a middle-income country, after considering several parameters including reduction of poverty and provision of funds for economic development”

Special attention has also been focused on Sri Lanka’s ability to maintain per capita income above the minimum level for several years and not having to face short term high risk situations, Minister noted.

The Minister pointed out that the Government also plans to provide electricity countrywide by 2012. Electricity is supplied to 88 percent of the entire population. A number of electricity projects are now underway to meet the future demand for electricity and the electricity cost of consumers would be reduced upon completion of these projects.

Commenting on the war against terrorism, Minister Senaratne remarked that the Government is doing its best to liberate and restore normalcy in those areas and the Government never allowed development work to suffer blaming it on the war.

Minister Senaratne remarked that there were attempts by certain quarters to label the Government with Human Rights violations by putting all types of killings including LTTE atrocities and homicides which take place on personal rivalries on the Government and simultaneously to whitewash the crimes against humanity committed by the LTTE.

The Minister requested all parties to unite in the name of the nation,shedding political differences to bring peace to the motherland and relief to the masses.

The UPFA will definitely secure two thirds majority in parliament at the coming general election, finally he added.

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Courtesy: GDI