'We will tell in Court who gave money for Fonseka’s elections'
Mar 8, 2010
Ex JVP M.P. Anura Kumara Dissanayake addressing a media briefing at the DNF office said, to counter the falsehoods published by the State media and Govt.’ s vicious campaign regarding the funds provided for the General’s Presidential election campaign , they would explain in Court how the funds were received .

Hitherto, we avoided furnishing details on this taking into account the risks to the livs of those who gave the funds. These funds were received from various individuals and voluntary Organizations for the elections campaign. All factual details will be furnished to Court soon ., Dissanayake asserted. The State media ‘s reprehensible conduct was exposed by Dissanayake with reference to so many misleading articles published by them .

All those who were taken into custody for alleged conspiracy in collusion with Gen. Fonseka have been released except six of them. We challenge the Govt. , if possible to adduce evidence to substantiate its claims.

When election frauds of the Govt. are being exposed , the State media charges that the General is going to destroy Democracy. Polling cards were strewn all over implying that the govt. has not taken steps to conduct a free and fair election duly.

It is nearly a month since Gen. Fonseka was arrested. But , still no charges have been filed. The State media declares that while being in the Security Council he acted as a traitor. But, what the General did when he was there was mapping out strategies to wipe out terrorism.. The Govt. on the contrary says, the General and Lakshman Seneviratne had talks.. We wish to ask, cant Army Commander speak to an Opposition M.P. ? Is that a traitorous action? Are Parliament MPs barred from talking to an Army Officer? Has anybody been taken into custody any day for indulging in such acts.?

We would like to ask Minister Dr. G.L. Peiris, and because of the State media news canards, where is the law against the Ministers who have earned in billions and trillions.? The Intelligence unit reported on a Minister who had transactions with the LTTE. Where is the law against such Ministers ? GL is castigating Sarath Fonseka endlessly. . But during the period of the ceasefire in 2002 , GL opposed Fonseka and agreed with the LTTE to remove the high security zone in the North East through Norway intervention. It was General Fonseka who opposed this when he was the Commanding Officer of Jaffna at that time. GL is now avenging what was done to him in the past.

It is clear that the General is not guilty of charges as the Govt. has so far failed to indict the General lawfully., Dissanayake pointed out.

Courtesy: LankaeNews