Prabakaran's arrogance distanced addressing perceived 'plights' of Tamils says Sampanthan
By Jatila Karawita
Mar 7, 2010
Condoning his elite master cum terror Chief Prabakaran for the perceived 'plight' of certain 'Tamil' interest groups including sections of the esoteric diaspora community, former TNA parliamentarian group leader R. Sampanthan hinted out the use of alternative forces at pursuing a 'self-determination solution' in the reunited island nation.

"We have started working on a model of solution based on 'internal self-determination,' ever since some 'foreign diplomats' had expressed dissatisfaction on the LTTE leader Mr. V. Pirapaharan's silence on pursuing solutions in that line", Thinakural the ultra- secessionist news outlet quoted Sampanthan as saying at Trincomalee, Thursday(March 4), briefing a selected group of TNA activists.

The TNA meeting was held at flaming the smothering fault lines of 'perceived-racism' and 'hatred' in the liberated provinces- perpetrated for a just-political mileage in the upcoming general election, according to defence observers.

Interestingly Sampanthan had also dismissed the 'Vaddukkoaddai Resolution', 'Thimphu principles', 'Indo-Lanka agreement' and other such initiatives as one-sided and not accepted by both the parties.

Courtesy: MoD