Sripathi’s widow on UNF ticket but supports UPFA
By Sandun A. Jayasekera
Mar 6, 2010
Sripathi Suriyaarachchi’s widow Dilrukshi who is contesting from the Gampaha district as a United National Front (UNF) candidate yesterday met President Mahinda Rajapaksa to pledge her support to the United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA), the presidential media unit reported. Ms. Suriyaarachchi was the leader of the SLFP (M) group in the Gampaha district.

The Media Unit quoted Ms. Suriyaarachchi as saying that she decided to support the UPFA as there was no clear-cut policy in either the SLFP (M) or the UNF and that in contrast, the UPFA under the leadership of President Rajapaksa had a clear vision and programme to take Sri Lanka forward.

She had said that based on the policies adopted by her late husband she would campaign for the UPFA and ensure its victory.

Mr. Suriyaarachchi who was a Minister in the UPFA government was fired from his cabinet post in 2007 after he levelled allegations that a government -- LTTE agreement had led to a LTTE-enforced boycott by Tamil voters resulting in President Rajapaksa winning the 2005 presidential election. Mr. Siriyaaarachchi was killed in a road accident in February, 2008.

Courtesy: Daily Mirror