Sri Lanka to enact the 'National Policy on Early Childhood Care and Development'
Mar 5, 2010
Cabinet granted approval to a memorandum submitted by the Minister of Child Development and Women’s Empowerment Sumedha G. Jayasena to enact the national policy on ‘Early Childhood Care and Development” which is being currently implemented as an Act.

Under this National policy, several steps were taken to improve the quality of the existing early childhood development programmes . On the other hand, provincial level coordinating committees have been established in all provinces and they are functioning by maintaining close ties with the central Government and through good coordination.

‘Mahinda Chinthana’ policy framework stated that all pre-schools and day care centers in the country will be promoted and upgraded to international standards. To achieve this aim all pre-school/early childhood development centers and day-care centers should be maintained as per-minimum level of standards and should be registered with the Government.

As the subjects of Pre-school are decentralized under the 13th amendment to the constitution, several obstacles have emerged in some occasions when maintaining the standards.

By obviating above mentioned situation, to have a uniform system for the entire island for the coordination of the national policy on "Early Childhood Care and Development” and to provide it with legal authority, it is appropriate that the National policy should be transformed as an Act.

Courtesy: GDI