'Govt. seeking 2/3 majority from voters only to cook them in their own fat'
Mar 4, 2010
Addressing a media briefing at the UNP media unit today, Ex UNP MP Lakshman Kiriella , stated , not enough the horrors , terrors and lawlessness unleashed by this Govt. so far , it is now craving for a two third majority in Parliament at the forthcoming General elections to make amendments to the constitution.

Going by its record , the aims of the Govt. are obvious. It is seeking a 2/3 majority to continue more viciously its reign of terror , and not to solve the people’s dire and monumental sufferings. A President who knows nothing else except abusing the Executive power, stifling opposition voices, suppressing the media , riding roughshod on lawlessness and oppressing the people can never think of the people. The 2/3 majority he is seeking is to further strengthen his lawless power and trample the rule of law , he pointed out. One of the excuses given by the Govt. for this 2/3 majority desire is that it wishes to develop the economy by constitutional amendment . Where on earth has any country sought constitutional amendments to develop the economy?, he asked .We have only heard of countries putting its economy on track by wiping out corruption and fiscal mismanagement This alone proves what insidious aims the Govt. is nursing to the drive the people into further despair.

The already obese Cabinet of 112 Ministers will bloat to an explosive 150 Ministers if it gets a 2/3 majority . Besides , it will be the people who have to maintain and feed this obesity . The Govt. since it came to power is only obsessed with perpetuating itself in power rather than showing concern for the masses who elected it to power. The country’s economy is at the lowest ebb; Factories and Export Industries are closing ; joblessness is raging ; crime wave is rising ; Cost of living is skyrocketing ; development in the country has grounded to a dead halt . While all these problems are plaguing the people , the Govt. has been interested only in holding foul lawless elections the whole year round wasting people’s money in billions. Now , at the next election it is seeking a two third majority to heap more burdens on the people . According to a survey of the last Presidential elections , the monitoring Committee has called it the worst ever fraudulent corrupt elections in SL’s history . On that basis how can the President justifiably claim victory on people’s votes , ? he asked.

Also , this is the first time the Maha Sangha too was browbeaten by a Govt. into calling off a Sangha convention which was to be held to discuss the lawless and terror stricken state of he country. Even the Britishers during their rule of SL gave the Maha Sangha the due place and safeguarded them , Kiriella observed.

Courtesy: UNP Media