TULF reiterates call for Indian model
Mar 3, 2010
The TULF, in its election manifesto, has reiterated its call for a decentralization of powers in Sri Lanka along the Indian model.

Leader of the party V. Anandasangaree said a unitary constitution was unlikely to devolve powers to the Tamil areas.

The merge of the north and the east would harm no one, he observed, adding that the Tamils, Muslims and others displaced by the war should be resettled in their own homes in the Wanni.

The TULF manifesto also calls for the full payment of compensation to those affected by the war and extends its fullest support for legislation to punish violators of human rights.

Mr. Anandasangaree added that his party wanted the removal of high security zones and child soldiers presently under rehabilitation be returned to their parents.

Parliamentary Elections, 2010 - Tamil United Liberation Front Election Manifesto

Bearing in mind the difficulties experienced by members of the minority communities in Sri Lanka, without any substantial or permanent relief for well over half a century, and the consistent opposition from the hardliners to the efforts taken by the right minded leaders to find a reasonable solution acceptable to the minorities, the Tamil United Liberation Front is compelled to take prudent action to change its stand on certain vital matters that formed the very foundation of the TULF.

Furthermore the recent events including the war have increased the humanitarian concerns of the minorities, which the TULF feels is the responsibility of the likeminded parties and persons, to deal with unitedly.

The need for joint action arises to expose the sudden surge from various quarters, unbelievably even from certain individuals who had ruined the country by taking radical positions in the past, within and outside Sri Lanka, now giving recommendations and issuing statements contrary to the real situation prevailing in the country, obviously with certain hidden motives.

It is the candid view of the TULF to create a contented society wherein all are equal and no one will feel superior or inferior to one another. People have short memories and we Sri Lankans are no exception. The problems we face in our country today have directly or indirectly affected every one.

The loss of several thousand lives, several billions worth of both public and private property and the un-imaginable amount of money spent on the recently concluded war, several millions spent every day in the maintenance of camps and service personnel etc. should have taught all of us a very good lesson that we will never again want this situation to be repeated and we should not allow that to be repeated.

The Tamil United Liberation Front being aware of the fate of Section 29 of the Soulbury Constitution, the only safeguard the minorities had in it, strongly feel that any solution for the ethnic problem, if found under the Unitary System, may be subjected to review by a future Parliament and all efforts taken so far at heavy loss of life and property will go waste.

The TULF during the past five years had been advocating for a solution under a Federal Constitution and have also offered to accept the Indian Model as the only alternative to a federal solution. This proposal should satisfy those who are opposed to both the Federal and Unitary systems. The TULF is fully convinced that no acceptable solution can ever be found under the Unitary System and totally reject any solution under a Unitary System.

As regards the merger issue, The TULF does not believe that the merger of the North and the East will prove detrimental either to the country or to any ethnic group. Instead it will help to promote good-will and communal harmony among various communities living there. The TULF is also opposed to any planned colonization since it will instead of promoting communal harmony will only cause dissensions among various communities. The TULF is firmly committed in these three matters.

The TULF genuinely and strongly feels that if the following matters are implemented, the country that had got in to this mess can be pulled out of it and a strong bond of friendship could be established among various communities.

1. The TULF genuinely feels that the delay in re-settling the Internally Displaced persons in their respective residences is very unfair. Whether they are Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Tamils of Indian origin or of any other ethnic group, they should go back to their original places of residence before they were displaced. The TULF will pressurise the government to do so.

2. The TULF demands that full compensation should be paid immediately for the loss of lives, limbs, and properties of the IDP’s, be they Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese or Tamils of Indian Origin. The TULF expects the Government to provide proper transport and health facilities in re-settlement areas. The TULF will pressurise the Government to take quick action.

3. Quick action should be taken to compile a list of missing and dead persons and other relevant details of those people who lived in Vanni during the war for which the TULF will give all cooperation.

4. The TULF demands that immediate action should be taken to hand over the 10,000 odd children detained in rehabilitation camps, wrongfully branded as Tiger cadre. There may be a few of them who had joined the Tigers voluntarily but all the others were forcibly recruited. What these children now need urgently are care and affection of the parents. Steps should be taken to hand over these innocent children to their respective parents who can decide as to what type of education their children really need. Most of these children, due to the war or for some other reasons like fear of conscription had lost their schooling for a few years. The TULF will pressurise the Government to create opportunities for them to continue their studies.

5. The TULF will demand that the activities of the Human Rights Commission be extended to the North to go into the abductions and killings of innocent people. Many are willing to give evidence to trace the culprits.

6. The TULF request, now that the war is over, the high security zones should be disbanded and the houses within the high security zone handed over to the owners. Immediate action should be taken to compel those now occupying houses and other buildings forcibly, to return them to the owners or their heirs.

7. Most people in the North and the East were compelled by the LTTE years back to contribute a fixed quantity of gold with a promise to return same on a future date. A few got their gold back but many did not. Apart from this, people had been pawning their articles and also depositing their money with the Eelam Bank illegally run by the LTTE. All the gold and the cash recovered in Vanni belong to the people of the North and the East. Hence the TULF demands that whatever jewellery and cash recovered should be kept in custody until all claims are met.

8. The TULF urges the Government that a University for Vanni should be set up forthwith to accommodate children who missed their admission for various Universities during the past few years due to the war and conscription. Hence at least courses like Agriculture and Arts degrees should be started for the benefit of the Vanni Students.

9. The TULF will insist that some of the business community in Vanni have lost everything and are now paupers. The Government should ensure that all sub-agencies, authorized dealership petrol stations etc. should be given to those dealers who had them before they were displaced.

10. The TULF recommends that two special units should be set up, one to take charge of the resettlement of the unfortunate Muslims of the North who were displaced in 1992 and the other to resettle the most unfortunate Tamils of Indian Origin who had migrated to Vavuniya, Kilinochchi and Mullaithivu, more particularly between 1958 and 1986 from the Up Country region and from many other areas in the country.

11. The TULF will insist on unifying families of which the husband is in the detention camp and the wife and children are at their homes or in IDP camps. It will also insist on handing over those who had lost their limbs, eyesight etc. and those who carry pieces of shell in their bodies undergoing severe pain.

12. The TULF will endeavour to find employment opportunities for the youths by reactivating the factories not in operation now and also demand employment opportunities in the government sector and through the government in foreign countries. In these matters the TULF will demand from the Government a bigger share in view of the opportunities missed due to the war and related matters.

13. Two thirds of the North is surrounded by sea. Those engaged in fishing face a lot of challenges in their employment. The TULF will find ways and means of settling their problems.

14. Those engaged in agriculture also face similar problems and the TULF will endeavour to solve their problems as well.

15. The TULF demands from the Government not to depend on a favoured few to get engaged in development works in the North and East. To get the maximum benefit the state should engage, apart from the representatives of the government, representatives of the respective districts and representatives of the donor countries.

16. The TULF will endeavour to redeem the livelihoods of the youngsters who lost their track due to the war and economic disparities.

17. The TULF will endeavour to raise the standard of education in the North and the East since their standard had deteriorated to a low level, to the international level.

18. The TULF will also, if necessary muster support from abroad to raise the standard of sports to the international level.

19. The TULF insists that a strong chapter on Human Rights with strong penalties for violations.

20. Numerous displaced persons presently settled in foreign countries have various links in their motherland. The TULF will help to facilitate them to resettle in their respective homes and to visit their kith and kin when necessity arises without any harassment from any body.

A large number of political parties and Independent groups are in the field contesting the forthcoming parliamentary elections. This number is unheard of in the history of our country. Some of these groups are contesting without any knowledge of the present ground situation, instigated by some forces and had fallen in to their traps. Most of the victims are youths. On behalf of the people of this country the TULF pleads with everybody to become aware of the danger the country is facing today. The TULF urges the youth to study the ground situation and act sensibly without rushing in hoping to enter parliament easily.

The TULF being a senior political party, very keenly interested in the future of the Tamil speaking people and doing politics with no self-interest and had gained the trust and confidence of the local people and those living abroad, will endeavor to gain for the Tamil speaking people a solution with peace and dignity.

The TULF as usual will go all out to make available for all the others a situation under which they enjoy fair play and justice.

The TULF strongly urges all its supporters in the Electoral Districts of Jaffna, Vanni, Batticaloa and Colombo to vote for the symbol ‘Rising Sun’.

Signed: V. Anandasangaree President - TULF, K.K. Kanagarajah - Secretary General - TULF

Courtesy: Colombo Today