Day 22 and no charge
Mar 3, 2010
It has been 22 days since the illegal arrest of General Fonseka and the government is yet to come up with an official charge. However, surprisingly, they have come up with a verdict - according to the military spokesman the General is to get 5 years in prison.

Even though the government is able to get false statements and false witnesses, they are yet to make a law of the land false - they have no charge so they keep on searching for anything they can even broadly use in this case.

Danuna Tillakaratne, is not hiding from law officials - if there is an actual law in this nation he would not have to take this position.

We want to clarify the charge against, Danuna Tillekaratne, it is NOT about arms deals, it is an allegation of a false signature, a charge, if proven correct is only worth a fine of Rs. 20,000. However, now the military has been told to get involved in the search - they are looking for him so that they can take a statement against SF from him. We all know what methods they will use for this. Once such a statement is taken under pressure and torture, the government can then silence him for good. It is a known fact that several people have "committed suicide" in custody once such statements were taken.

Now you can make your own minds about this matter.

Mr Tillekaratne's mother and father and the many honest people working in our campaign and connected to us are being harassed by the CID daily- they are called to the CID offices at all odd hours and held there without any reason.

All these tactics are to illicit any kind of false statement to frame General Fonseka.

The gentlemanly army, navy and police forces are now no more. The forces you were so proud of have been corrupted by money and silenced by death threats, the honest people are being arrested, humiliated, fired, demoted and their livelihoods sabotaged.

This is not what our forces gave their lives for - they did not die in the thousands so that one family could rape this nation and turn it into a military state. Instill fear in everyone who dares to comment on anything and threaten anyone who dares to protest.

Any speech given by Mrs. Fonseka is being recorded by the government so as to falsely accuse her as well.

No other political election has seen grown men running after the children of their opponents to jail them and cause them harm - but this government has done that and continues to do that.

The way you vote, the way you act and the way protest is all that we have now.

Even if it is a small step to stop this inhumane, immoral and illegal regime - take it!

Today it'll be our children, our husbands and our wives and tomorrow it will be yours.

Do not think that a regime who can accuse and put in jail youth, break into temples and ransack places of worship has anything holding them back.