Muthuhettigama wants mental patients given franchise and sanity test on all MPs
By Lalith Chaminda and S. K. Kaluarachchi
Mar 3, 2010
Controversial Southern Provincial Councillor Nishantha Muthuhettigama yesterday said that the patients undergoing treatment at mental health institutions also should be given the right vote and ballot boxes sent to those hospitals.

He said that he was the only politician who had been declared mentally sound by doctors and urged the political leaders to have all MPs to be elected tested for their mental health.

Muthuhettigama was speaking at a political meeting held in a Galle.

He said today there were no politicians in the South of the calibre of Richard Pathirana and Amarasiri Dodangoda who were no more. He accused the present day politicians of having no backbone. The two late politicians had rendered yeoman service to the people of Galle, he said.

Courtesy: Island