President to all politicians: Halt hate politics
By Rasika Somaratne
Mar 2, 2010
President Mahinda Rajapaksa said it is time for all to put a stop to hate politics adding that politicians should take the lead in this regard. As people representatives they should set an example to others, the President said. He was speaking at a religious ceremony to invoke blessings on him and the country by the Maha Sangha at the Pelmadulla Raja Maha Viharaya premises Sunday.

President Rajapaksa also emphasized that the moral renaissance of the Nation was as important as its economic renaissance.

While noting that achieving one without the other as a futile exercise, the President said the Maha Sangha and other religious leaders could play a pivotal role in helping create a morally rich society.

The contribution of religious leaders and the continuing efforts by them in this regard is highly appreciated, he added.

The President addressing the gathering after religious observances said whatever heights the nation achieves in physical development would be meaningless if it cannot achieve the same high standards in moral and spiritual development.

The President said when looking back at history, the Maha Sangha had always been sensitive to threats faced by the Nation and had come forward to the country’s defence when necessary.

Commenting on the Government’s efforts to put a full stop to tobacco and alcohol and drug abuse by implementing the Mathata Thitha program and enhancing facilities to improve the Dhamma education, President Rajapaksa said these coupled with other moves had paid rich dividends in improving moral values in individuals during recent times. Making the gathering aware about the Government’s development drive since ending terrorism, the President said the intention was to distribute equal opportunities and resources to all parts of the country. The Government has earmarked difficult villages which need to be developed on a priority basis so that before long this term ceased to exist, the President added.

The President said there was a big interest in Buddhism globally and emphasized the need for locals to take part in efforts to take the Buddha’s teaching to other countries.

The Government is committed to provide relevant institutions and Pirivena education centres with material including facilities to learn different languages, he said.

Courtesy: Daily News