'JVP finds political shelter under the wings of a retired General'
Mar 2, 2010
Leader of the National Freedom Front Wimal Weerawansa said Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna’s (JVP) political journey will come to an end in the upcoming general election.

In 1994 the JVP became a strong political party with the support of every member. Later, in the general election held in year 2004, the JVP was able to secure 39 seats in the parliament.

However, recently a group of high level leaders of the party were engaged in a conspiracy to destroy the party. He pointed out he and a group of party members decided to resign from the party as a result of this situation.

The fall of JVP began from there onwards. Therefore, the leader of NFF said that the fate the JVP is confronted with now did not occur overnight but one that was created by its leaders.

Former MP Weerawansa said further that Sarath Fonseka has once again fallen in to a political trap. The Swan symbol which he represented for the presidential election is not anymore a valid political icon. Now, the Government has no contest from Fonseka’s party he added.

NFF Leader Weerawansa also pointed out that as Sarath Fonseka was made the cat’s paw at the recent presidential election by Ranil Wickremasinghe to avoid getting caught up in various criticisms and internal conflicts of UNP. This time around the JVP is attempting to minimize their losing margin at the forthcoming election by sheltering themselves under Sarath Fonseka’s inexperienced but relatively more popular political leadership.

Courtesy: GDI