NFF leader deplores Miliband’s address
by L.S. Ananda Wedaarachchchi
Feb 28, 2010
The National Freedom Front (NFF) vehemently condemned British Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s address at the London Tamil Forum.

David Miliband has done irreparable damage to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, by participating in this conference, said NFF Leader Wimal Weerawansa.

Weerawansa said that Sri Lanka’s efforts to eradicate the three-decade old LTTE terrorism and set up a unitary state has been undermined and added that a conspiracy by Western powers is under way to push the country back to LTTE terrorism.

“The Western powers are now struggling to resurrect the moribund LTTE movement and take its mission forward under the guise of democracy and human rights,” he said.

British Foreign Secretary Miliband’s address to the London Tamil Forum was an interference with Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, Constitutional Affairs and National Integration Minister Dew Gunasekera said.

LTTE sympathisers in Britain are interested in the Tamil votes at the forthcoming UK parliamentary election and the huge funds with the Tamil Diaspora. Sri Lanka has a vision to solve its internal problems as it did in the recent past having eradicated the 30-year-long LTTE terrorism, he said.

Western powers including the UK are attempting to resuscitate the LTTE, he said.

“What is the provision for a separate country within Sri Lanka” was the theme of David Miliband’s speech at the London Tamil Forum last week.

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama said that the Global Tamil Forum was an umbrella organisation formed with several LTTE front organisations working in Western countries with the agenda of reviving LTTE activities abroad.

Sri Lanka is no longer a British crown colony as stated by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, he said.

Courtesy: Sunday Observer