'JVP indirectly works for the CIA'
Feb 26, 2010
The JVP is indirectly working for CIA said Minister Nandana Gunatilleke. The JVP is working with a surveillance agency of a foreign country.

He also said that a one time politburo member of the Peramuna, Premakumara Gunaratne, who is currently abroad is the main person behind these transactions. The JVP during the recent presidential election acted upon the needs of the intelligence division of the party.

Minister Gunatilleke said that a large sum of money handed over by a foreign government has been accepted by a parliamentarian of the JVP.

It was due to this transaction that Mr. Somawansa Amarasinghe had to go abroad during the terror period, he added. The Minister said further that the security unit formed for the protection of the JVP leadership is now transforming into an attacking force.

He added that JVP planned to kill him after he left the party. Minister Gunatilleke also said that the JVP attempted to employ four types of methods to convey the idea that the death was caused due to natural reasons.

A complain had been lodged before the IGP, but he said that he did not urge to go along with the investigations as he intended taking the JVP away from its erroneous path.

Courtesy: GDI