General Fonseka had not responded to our request to become UNF Dep. Leader –Sagala Ratnayake
By Suraj A. Bandara
Feb 24, 2010
Former UNP M.P. Sagala Ratnayake addressing a media briefing at the UNP media unit today (24) said, Gen. Fonseka ,who was invited to accept the post of Deputy leader of the UNF has still not responded to their request.

The UNF which is fielding candidates for 22 Districts at the upcoming Parliamentary elections, has still left the post of Deputy leader open for Gen. Fonseka until the last , to enable him to decide.

On a special request made to him by the UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe he met Anoma Fonseka, the wife of the general yesterday night (23) , Ratnayake added.

His discussions revolved round the forthcoming elections and the steps to be taken to get the General released , he stated.

Courtesy: UNP Media