Moves to allow principals to admit students
By Suraj A. Bandara
Feb 24, 2010
Principals will be given the authority to admit grade one students to their schools without outside pressure after the elections, Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka said.

He was speaking at a function at Handupalpola Primary School after opening a computer unit at the school.

It was sponsored by Maliban Institute under the program to equip all schools in the Horana education division with computer facilities. The Prime Minister said a principal is the responsible individual in a school.

“He should have the power to admit grade one students to the school. The prevailing system is not good. It forces parents to make fraudulent documents to compete with other parents,” he said.

“Documents to admit students are prepared fraudulently even before the child is born. It generates a negative attitude even among students. Action will be taken to vest the power to the principal to select students for grade one,” the Premier said.

“The village committee system should be reintroduced to the village. A society which does not honour the father, mother and other family members is worthless,” he added. This computer donation is not a state funded project, he said. “The donors contribute to distribute these technology to the children. Today, Maliban Institute offered computers.

“I am thankful to them for joining hands with the government’s initiative at this hour. I urge all students to use technology only for their betterment. “There is a tendency to use technology for unethical purposes. Computer teachers will be educated from time to time on this,” the Premier said.

“Dhamma school education will make the platform for a righteous society like the bond we maintained with the village and the temple in the past,” Prime Minister Wickramanayaka said. Uduwa Nilanda Pirivena Principal Ingiriye Uditha, Natures Secret and Maliban institution officials and Western Provincial Council member and SLFP organizer Vidura Wickramanayka, were also present.

Courtesy: Daily News