Suicide bombers in Colombo: PM
Feb 24, 2010
Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake yesterday claimed that according to intelligence sources several LTTE suicide bombers had moved to Colombo at the end of the war but their whereabouts were not known.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mirror Online Mr. Wickramanayake said the defence authorities were on the lookout for these cadres and till such time they were found, the military would be on high alert.

“The presence of suicide bombers is dangerous and is nothing to be complacent about. If we cannot trace them they will move from place to place and we won’t know when and where they will strike if they are armed. This is the reason to be alert,” he said.

When asked if LTTE would raise its head again, the Prime Minister said according to the same intelligence sources, some Sri Lankans living overseas had been collecting funds but the reason for such a collection was unknown.

“I am unable to say whether these people are trying to regroup themselves abroad,” Mr. Wickramanayake said.

He said intelligence reports indicated that LTTE cadres were still active in the camps for displaced people in the North and this was one reason to postpone resettlement.

Army Commander Jagath Jayasuriya had earlier warned that there were still those who nurtured the concept of Tamil Eelam.

He had said that the troops stationed in the North and East were not for offensive purposes.

Courtesy: Daily Mirror