Gen. Fonsekaís analysis opens Presidentís eyes
Feb 22, 2010
During the last Presidential campaign , Gen. Sarath Fonseka , the Presidential candidate and the closest rival of Mahinda Rajapakse, promised to curtail the Cabinet of Ministers if he comes to power.

At the moment , this cabinet comprising 132 Ministers for such a small country is considered the biggest in the world. Besides , all the luxuries and monumental perks enjoyed by them at State expense had incurred the wrath of the people who are finally burdened to meet these colossal expenses of the overly obese Cabinet., while the President too has been incessantly blamed for appointing them with no concern at all for the abysmally suffering masses.

A trifle too late though , the President it is learnt, according to Govt. sources is contemplating making cut backs on the huge Cabinet after the upcoming Gen. elections .

It was Gen. Fonseka who pointed out to the President that even India with a mammoth population of 1.2 billion has only 48 Ministers whereas Sri Lanka with just a population of only 20 million has 132 Ministers.

Courtesy: UNP media