Jackson Anthony won’t contest
Feb 21, 2010

Contrary to popular opinion, veteran media personality Jackson Anthony will not be contesting the upcoming general election.

Speaking to The Nation, Anthony said,“There have been stories spreading around the media that I’ll be contesting the election from the government. This is not true. I have no interest in getting involved in active politics at this moment”.

Anthony said that there are two reasons why he is not going to enter into active politics.

“I want to continue my political ideology. I believe that if I get into active politics there will be practical difficulties in continuing my political ideology. The other reason why I’m staying out of active politics is because I already have a career that I’ve established for myself. I have come very far in that line of work. There are goals I have set for myself and there is a lot more for me to achieve. If I give up the work I’ve been doing all my life in order to enter active politics it will be a big waste”.

Anthony added, “The upcoming election is an opportunity to show the people that the grand victory of President Rajapaksa was not merely a personal victory, but a victory of all the people in Sri Lanka”.

Courtesy: Nation