DM still hopes to be PM
By Ifham Nizam
Feb 18, 2010
Plantations Minister D. M. Jayaratne has not given up hope of becoming the Prime Minister of the country.

One of the senior most members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, Jayaratne told The Island yesterday that that he would be on the SLFP National List, as he wanted to allow a youngster to contest the polls and enter Parliament through the UPFA. But, he ruled out his son, or any other of his kith and kin contesting the forthcoming general election.

Asked why he was against his son contesting, he said he does not believe in two persons from the same family serving the same cause.

"My son can take up politics after I give up," he added.

He said that on two occasions earlier he had the opportunity to become the Premier but it just slipped away from him. "However, this time around I have no high hopes, but if offered I would certainly grab it," a smiling Jayaratne said.

The veteran politician believes that the ruling coalition Peoples Allaince would get a two thirds majority at the parliamentary elections.

Courtesy: Island