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  1. Mama Bohoma Bayawuna (Different Version) by Maxwell Mendis
  2. Ratak Watinawa (Different Version) by Maxwell Mendis
  3. Mage Surathal Podi (Different Version) by Maxwell Mendis
  4. Ruwa Ethi Aaya (Different Version 1) by Maxwell Mendis
  5. Rae Wenakota Sohon by Maxwell Mendis
  6. Pokunen Naagena by Maxwell Mendis
  7. Three Blind Mice by Maxwell Mendis
  8. Nelum Obe Atha (Different Version) by Maxwell Mendis
  9. Maa Dhedi Kala by Maxwell Mendis
  10. Hela Helayi by Maxwell Mendis
  11. Tharuna Jeevithe by Maxwell Mendis
  12. Heen Sery Ape by Maxwell Mendis
  13. Saara Karamu by Maxwell Mendis
  14. Saadu Saadu Kiya Kiyaa by Maxwell Mendis
  15. Batahira Kowe Sinamaa by Maxwell Mendis & Susil Perera
  16. Thal Weten Ehaa by Maxwell Mendis & Mariazelle Gunathilake
  17. Surathal Hasarel by Maxwell Mendis & Mariazelle Gunathilake
  18. Mey Sampatha Mage by Maxwell Mendis
  19. Mal Kumari Duwa by Maxwell Mendis & Mariazelle Gunathilake
  20. Seeman Ayiya by Maxwell Mendis
  21. Sendae Kaale Mal by Tony Hasan
  22. Sihinen Maa Oba by Tony Hasan
  23. Kanda Kapaa Chandra by Tony Hasan
  24. Neela Digu Daese by Tony Hasan
  25. Sihina Vijithe Damaa by Tony Hasan
  26. Paaluwe Seethale Rae by Tony Hasan
  27. Mala Sey Pawanelle by Tony Hasan
  28. Daese Aasha Chaaya by Tony Hasan
  29. Kandulu Piruna Denetha by Tony Hasan
  30. Oba Sihiwee Tharu by Tony Hasan
  31. Neela Peetha Mal by Tony Hasan
  32. Elle Doley Ruwa by Tony Hasan
  33. Sansaaraye Maa Pethu by Tony Hasan
  34. Obagen Samugena Eka by Tony Hasan
  35. Aadare Nisaa Nam by Menike Attanayake
  36. Wasanga Wuu Pasu by Menike Attanayake
  37. Gepela Pahan Kala by Menike Attanayake
  38. Eathata Wami Piyambaa by Menike Attanayake
  39. Edaa Senehasa Piree by Menike Attanayake
  40. Nil Ahasin Ewana by Menike Attanayake
  41. Lapalu Lathaa Mandapaye by Annesly Nanayakkara & Sandya Bulathsinghala
  42. Mee Mesi Geeyaka by Annesly Nanayakkara
  43. Awan Hala Andure by Annesly Nanayakkara
  44. Jeevithe Rasa Then by Annesly Nanayakkara
  45. Dawasin Dawasata by Annesly Nanayakkara
  46. Tharu Vimaane Rae by Annesly Nanayakkara
  47. Hadannepa Oba by Annesly Nanayakkara
  48. Sitha Kalpana Rehene by Annesly Nanayakkara
  49. Aaradhanaa Nuwan Deley by Annesly Nanayakkara
  50. Sevaneli Nomekena by Annesly Nanayakkara
  51. Jeevithe Lassana Dawas by Annesly Nanayakkara
  52. Nadee Nilwalaa by Annesly Nanayakkara & Nipuni Nimanthika
  53. Ruwan Ambara by Latha Disanayake & Morris Dahanayake
  54. Sanda Kiranin by Latha Disanayake & Priyankara Perera (Originally with Milton Perera)
  55. Negenahire Himidiriye by Ivor Dennis
  56. Mage Daesa Paana (Film: Rasa Rahasak) by Angeline Gunathilake
  57. Dena Deyyiyo (Film: Rasa Rahasak) by Freddy Silva & Greshan Ananada
  58. Ahas Imen Semin (Film: Rasa Rahasak) by Angeline Gunathilake & Greshan Ananada
  59. Mey Gee Lowe (Film: Rasa Rahasak) by Greshan Ananada
  60. Maa Dawaala by Somasiri Medagedara
  61. Mage Dinapothe (New Music) by Chandralekha Perera
  62. Mey Paalu Seetha (New Music) by Chandralekha Perera
  63. Kiri Ammaawaru (New Music) by Chandralekha Perera
  64. Kathare Sihil Paen (New Music) by Chandralekha Perera
  65. Senehasa Vidinata (New Music) by Chandralekha Perera
  66. Asokamala Mamai (New Music) by Chandralekha Perera
  67. Kandey Vihare (First Version) by Chandralekha Perera
  68. Gathin Innata (New Music) by Chandralekha Perera
  69. Pem Sihina Lookey by Chandralekha Perera & Rookantha Gunathilake (Originally Rukmani Devi)
  70. Ada Andanawa Himiyani by Chandralekha Perera (Originally Rukmani Devi)
  71. Malbara Himidiriye by Chandralekha Perera & Keerthi Pasquel (Originally Rukmani Devi & Neville Fernando)
  72. Mey Ganga Jalaashayen by Chandralekha Perera (Originally Rukmani Devi)
  73. Ara Ramani Pem by Chandralekha Perera & Amith Walpola (Originally Rukmani Devi & Dharmadasa Walpola)
  74. Aadaraya Nisaa by Chandralekha Perera (Originally Rukmani Devi)
  75. Dalwawu Bethi Aadara by Chandralekha Perera (Originally Rukmani Devi)
  76. Wasanaawantha Kala by Chandralekha Perera & Amith Walpola (Originally Rukmani Devi & Dharmadasa Walpola)
  77. Anna Sudoo by Chandralekha Perera & Ranjan Ramanayake (Originally Rukmani Devi)
  78. Sandak Nagee by Chandralekha Perera (Originally Rukmani Devi)
  79. Mey Raathriye by Chandralekha Perera & Keerthi Pasquel (Originally Rukmani Devi & S.S. Veda)
  80. Dushmantha Aho by Chandralekha Perera (Originally Rukmani Devi)
  81. Mage Daese Kandulu (First Version) by Tudor Jayashantha
  82. Vilaka Nelum (First Version) by Tudor Jayashantha & Amitha Dalugama
  83. Mulu Nidi Yahanama by Tudor Jayashantha
  84. Thun Sithakinwath by Tudor Jayashantha
  85. Nisala Raeye Ganga by Tudor Jayashantha
  86. Kandu Mudune Sinaa by Tudor Jayashantha
  87. Jeevithe Mal Mee by Tudor Jayashantha
  88. Kasa Pupurana Handa by Tudor Jayashantha
  89. Nuga Gaha Yata by Tudor Jayashantha
  90. Sansaaraye Kohedido by Tudor Jayashantha
  91. Naaga Walli Dalu by Tudor Jayashantha
  92. Desuwa Amaa Dahama by Tudor Jayashantha
  93. Landen Wadinniya by Punsiri Soysa
  94. Mey Jeevithey Obe by Punsiri Soysa & Thyaga N. Edward
  95. Pera Dinaye Maa by Punsiri Soysa
  96. Sithata Sitha Dee by Punsiri Soysa
  97. Aadara Maage Putha by Punsiri Soysa
  98. Obama Rasa Powaa by Chandralekha Perera
  99. Mage Punchi Malleeta by Latha Walpola
  100. Warella Natalla by Freddy Silva

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