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    <---- Gramaphone Songs ----->
  1. Naamey Nodiranaa by A.M.U Raj
  2. Namaami Sripaadey by A.M.U Raj
  3. Budu Magula by Viviyan Boralessa
  4. Maa Sanga Bodhi by Viviyan Boralessa
  5. Athi Jaya Sri by M.K. Vincent
  6. Sri Paa Namoo by M.K. Vincent
  7. Baladhari Saman Devi by Rukmani Devi
  8. Theda Bala Paanaa by Rukmani Devi
  9. Pooda Ramya Sri by Allen Ratnayake
  10. Bhawa Andakaara Binda by Allen Ratnayake
  11. Koo Ma Vineetha by Edward Perera
  12. Maage Pem Raja by Manel Karunaratne
  13. Sripathi Sri Hari by H.W. Rupasinghe & KokilaDevi Weerathunga
  14. Kadira Dewa Negi by H.W. Rupasinghe & KokilaDevi Weerathunga
  15. Kusuma Maalathi by Wellington Fernando & Praxede Fernando
  16. Pinsaara Maage Maatha by Wellington Fernando & Praxede Fernando
  17. Muhudu Weraley by Bertram Fernando
  18. Saara Siri Daeru by Bertram Fernando & Prathibha
  19. Bethiyena Pem Paalaa by St. Benedict College Choir
  20. Sri Lanka Jayaweva by St. Benedict College Choir
    <---- End: Gramaphone Songs ---->
  21. Thea Kuudaya by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  22. Meawa Aluth Maalu by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  23. Cheene Indalaa Aawe by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  24. Vinaa Gaala Mama by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  25. Ayiya Saami by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  26. Sarpinaawa Dennada by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  27. Nayi Nalaawa Pimbalaa by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  28. Yamuda Apith Wehl by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  29. Piyaru Baba Wage by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  30. Western Dancing by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  31. Maa Peya Gaanak by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  32. Batakola Wattiyakata by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  33. Kawuda Mey Aney by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  34. Manamaaliyak Waage by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  35. Magama Duwana Mey by Freddy Silva & Kalawthi
  36. Aappa Weladaamey Umba by Freddy Silva & Kalawthi
  37. Saastharam Saastharam by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  38. Mage Kumbura Saruwela by Freddy Silva & Kalawathi
  39. Very Sweet Girl by Freddy Silva & Maya Damayanthi
  40. Issara Kaaley Ape by Freddy Silva & Sunil Perera
  41. Kiyai Mihiri Kathaa (Different Version) by Dhanapala Udawatte
  42. Engalanthe Indala Aawe by Dhanapala Udawatte
  43. Rani Mal Rani by Dhanapala Udawatte
  44. Punchi Baby Tharaha by Dhanapala Udawatte & ???
  45. Siri Laka Sathara by Dhanapala Udawatte
  46. Rae Yaame Obe by Sheela Paranamanage & Vijaya Kumarathunga
  47. Kaansiye Paalu Kalpanawe by Sheela Paranamanage
  48. Irisiyaa Sithin by Sheela Paranamanage & Vijaya Kumarathunga
  49. Man Doo Mage by Vijaya Kumaranathunga & Anjaleen Gunathilake
  50. Aduththa Veettu (Tamil) by Amuthan Annamalai
  51. Rail Ohduthu (Tamil) by Amuthan Annamalai
  52. Miss or Mrs (Tamil) by Amuthan Annamalai
  53. Nilavai Pole (Tamil) by Amuthan Annamalai
  54. Yennaium Isainthalum (Tamil) by Amuthan Annamalai
  55. Meendum Neer (Tamil) by Amuthan Annamalai & Sheela Vani
  56. Unmai Anbai (Tamil) by Amuthan Annamalai
  57. Pugalidum Verillai (Tamil) by Heinrich
  58. Flute Music-3 (Instrumental) by ???
  59. Flute Music-2 (Instrumental) by ???
  60. Flute Music-1 (Instrumental) by ???
    <---- Gramaphone Songs ----->
  61. Mada Seetha (Film: Vahal Duupatha) by Daya Hematha Abeysekera & Sarath Sandanayake
  62. Kohedoo Upanne (Film: Vahal Duupatha) by Sarath Sandanayake
  63. Ape Daesa Hamuwe (Film: Vahal Duupatha) by Daya Hematha Abeysekera & Sarath Sandanayake
  64. Nidahasa Lanwunaa (Film: Vahal Duupatha) by Sarath Sandanayake
  65. Peminena Duka (Film: Vahal Duupatha) by Daya Hematha Abeysekera
  66. Minisa Minisaata (Film: Vahal Duupatha) by Sarath Sandanayake & R. Muththusami
  67. Paalui Thani Mata (Film: Chandaali) by G.S.B. Rani Perera
  68. Sandehi Sandu Waney (Film: Chandaali) by Mohideen Beag & G.S.B. Rani Perera
  69. Eatha Aakaase Aalooke (Film: Chandaali) by Mohideen Beag
  70. Menikak Rakinaa (Film: Chandaali) by Mohideen Beag & G.S.B. Rani Perera
  71. Mini Skirt (Film: Geetha) by M.S. Fernando & Anjaleen Gunathilake
  72. Dakina Dasuney (Film: Geetha) by H.R. Jothipala & Sujatha Attanayake
  73. Paena Paena Ena (Film: Geetha) by Sujatha Attanayake
  74. Saesige Mahimaa by Latiff Bhai
  75. Srini Dulwan Apa by Latiff Bhai
  76. Preethi Preethi Herdey by M.K. Vincent
  77. Ramya Srini Kusuman by M.K. Vincent & Vasudevi
  78. Pathiwartha Rakna Rani by Rukmani Devi
  79. Thribuwana Jana by H.W. Rupasinghe & Rukmani Devi
  80. Muni Raja Diyana by H.W. Rupasinghe & Rukmani Devi
    <---- End: Gramaphone Songs ---->
  81. Mey Nagaraya (First Version) by Mervin Perera
  82. Akuru Satharakin Manasa (First Version) by Mervin Perera
  83. Katu Ethi Aththaka (Kithunu Gee) by Mervin Perera
  84. Kankalu Rasabara Geetha (Kithunu Gee) by Mervin Perera
  85. Sathuta Saamaya (Kithunu Gee) (First Version) by Mervin Perera
  86. Saagara Hamu Nowenaa by Mervin Perera & Kanthi Wickramasinghe
  87. Jeevana Nadun Waney by Mervin Perera & Kanthi Wickramasinghe
  88. Neela Ahas Thalaya by Mervin Perera
  89. Aashaa Netha Sayure (Film: Dayaabara Nilu) by Mervin Perera & Latha Walpola
  90. Mal Yaayak Viyaheki by Chandralekha Perera
  91. Ghana Meedum Salu (Kithunu Gee) by Chandralekha Perera
  92. Deweta Digey Hean by Chandralekha Perera
  93. Eatha Eathata Igila by Chandralekha Perera
  94. Karunaawe Sililaarak Magiya by Chandralekha Perera
  95. Malak Dutimi Mala by Chandralekha Perera
  96. Hewa Koolama by Ambalangoda Gunadasa
  97. Police Koolama by Ambalangoda Gunadasa
  98. Demala Koolama by Ambalangoda Gunadasa
  99. Mudali Koolama by Ambalangoda Gunadasa
  100. Anabera Koolama by Ambalangoda Gunadasa

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