Amdons stories
Posted by GUYS FROM CHICAGO on January 18, 1998 at 21:08:35:

True story
Amdon the short guy with a biggg nose
This happened during a visit in another city
Amdon and two of his friends went to another city by train
Other two went to the caffetaria take away sandwiches
after some time one guy ask Amdon to return the plates
and bring bottle of mineral water to the deposit
Amdon retuned the plates and ask water bottle for the
deposit the girl who in the caffetaria .
There was no deposit for the plates Amdon faced to very
big problem.

They reached to the hostel Amdon ask from where can I take a
bath . others tald him go downstairs Amdon went with towel
other things.Room is in the 11 th floor Amdon was very lucky
lift also not working.More than 15 minuts went hear & there
to locate the bath room.and ask from one unknown person
he told him go & ask from the person who send you.
These are two stories about Amdon in Ukraine.Later we'll
send you story about Amdon's BIG BIG NOSE.


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