The Bird Nest............(Under 18 not allowed!!!)
Posted by Sharmila on January 16, 1998 at 19:22:25:

One fine day, a young gentleman decided to sleep nude in a
public park. He gently undressed himself and relaxed his tender
body on the park bench.

Little Cindy walked by and was awfully attracted to this "thing"
one may call it.

Little Cindy, being so young and curious, asked the nude
gentleman, "Hey Mr. Can I play with your birdy?"
The gentleman gave her a look and said, " Get-lost kid!" and
relaxed back on the bench.

Couple of hours passed by......and the gentleman woke up.....
All of a sudden, he sees all these doctors around him and he was
wheeled to the ER.

When he looked down, everything was red.

With confusion, the gentleman questioned the doctor.

The doctor said, "Our little Cindy will explain you everything."

Cindy walked into the room, and smiled.

Gentleman:.....What did you do ?
Cindy:.........I was playing with the birdy and the birdy spit
on me. So, I got mad and cracked its egg, broke
its neck and put the nest on fire.

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