Blind Man
Posted by Kulatunghe on December 18, 1996 at 14:46:07:

One day, a woman went to a bait shop to get her husband a fishing
reel for his birthday. After selecting one, she inquired as to its
cost. The owner replied, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but I'm blind and cannot
see what reel you have. If you drop it on the floor, I'll recognize it and
be of more help."

So she did just that. After hearing it hit the floor, the owner said,
"That's the Johnson Model 9400. It'll be $40.00." The woman decided to
take it so she went to pick it up off the floor. Upon bending over, she
broke wind. The owner rang up the sale and said, "That'll be
fifty dollars."

"Fifty dollars!" the woman exclaimed. "You just told me forty dollars."

"Yes, I did", said the owner, "But that was for the reel. The duck
call is another $7.50 and the stink bait is $2.50."

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