Posted by secret on December 15, 1996 at 22:36:44:

There was a man having sex with a prostitute upstairs, when all of a sudden the
prostitute leaves to go to the bathroom. The man then thought it was all over and
threw his condom out the window of his house. When the prostitute comes back, she
would not have sex with him without the condom. So since he allready paid the woman
and that was his last condom he threw out, he goes outside to get it. To his surprize
a kid has his condom in his hand. The man said "hay kid thats my condom". In reply the
kid says "well I found it first so it's mine". The man says "I'll give you 25 cents for it".
The kid pauses but says "no give me 25 dollars for it". Since he allready paid the prostitute
300 dollars, he pays the kid 25 dollars for it. The Kid runs home and tells his mother of the
story but then says "I ripped the guy off, because I allready sucked the cream from it". --hee hee

I tolk you it was the forbiden joke (forsaken to read) so if you didn't like it,
don't blame me for you curiousness

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