Posted by Natalie Grunig on January 11, 1998 at 01:51:01:

there were these 3 guys. and they were stranded in the desert.
they were pretty deperete, so they started digging 4 food.
they came across a magic lamp. they rubbed the lamp, and a
genie popped out. he said,"i will give you each 1 wish."
so the first guy said," i'm pretty hungry, i'll have
an extra value meal from McDonolds.super sized please."
the genie snapped his fingers and the guy walked away
happy. the second guy said,"i'm thirsty.i'll have
a super sized coke please." the genie snapped
his fingers,and the guy walked away happy. the third
guy said,"i'd like a car door please."
"why", asked the genie. "just because.""ok" so the
genie snapped his fingers, and he got it.a few hours
later, the other guys go up to him and asked,"why
did you want a car door?" he said,"so when it gets hot
i can roll the window down."

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