Posted by ROSHAN on January 01, 1998 at 01:20:15:

Once South Asian Countries had called a meeting in Nepal. Organizer of the meeting had invited two people from each country. One was a man and other one was a woman. From Sri-Lanka, Jeyawardene and Srimavo had gone to the meeting to represent Sri-Lanka. Last day of the meeting the organizer planned to have a competition among the people. So, he announced whose dick would lift the maximum weight. Everyone was did the best they can. Jeyawardene was very old man among the representatives he couldn't even turn on his dick. Srimavo realised Jeyawardene's terrible situation and she wanted to help Jeyawardene. Suddenly Srimavo lift her skirt up and Jeyawardene saw her pussy and the weight in the string went up. Jeyawardene got the prize in the competition.

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