Who goes to heaven most ....
Posted by ajith on December 10, 1996 at 10:54:04:

Over Heard at church last Sunday....

Told to the congregation buy the minister

This young couple die in a car accident a week before they are to be
married. So on to heaven they go. Once there they explain to St. Peter
that they were going to be married next week and could they still be
married in heaven. St. Peter says "Ok I will look into this and check it
out with God and get back to you" Time passes and finally on day St. Peter calls the couple to his A few months go buy and the couple go
back to St. Peter and ask him again about their request,. St. Peter told
them that it was ok with God that they get married, "But you will have to
wait until I get every thing ready".
Time passes and office and tells them they can be married this afternoon. Elated the
couple asks "What if we are unhappy and want to get a divorce". St.
Peter exclaims "Divorce!! It's taken me a year and a half to find a
Priest in heaven. How in the hell am I suppose to find a Lawyer!"

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