Best friend Harry
Posted by Roaring Lagu on December 30, 1997 at 11:56:15:

There was a 16 year old boy who's name was Darry. He had to babysit his mother's friends baby Cindy. He had to do everything the baby says or he will get grounded. After the parents left the house Darry hopped on the sofa and started to watch TV. It was past the baby's bedtime so he said "go to bed."

Cindy wanted to watch TV. She said "I will ground you for a month if you dont let me watch TV." Darry let her watch TV.

After Darry went to take a bath. Cindy got bored watching TV so she knocked on the bathroom door and asked if she could take a bath with him. He said "no." She said "I'll ground you for two months." He still said "no." She said "a year." He said "ok you could take a bath with me."

When Cindy was in the bathtub she point between Darry's thighs and asked "what is that." He said "that is my best friend Harry."

Finnaly they went to sleep. Cindy said "can I sleep with you today." He said "no." She said "I'll ground you for 9 months." He said "Ok." About three o'clock in the morning Cindy waked up Darry and asked "if she could play with Harry." He said "no." "I'll ground you for one and a half years" Cindy said. He said becareful.

Morning when Darry woke up he saw Harry rapped around with a bandaid. He asked Cindy "what did you do to Harry." She said "your best friend Harry squrted so I bit him off."

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