The Camel
Posted by sudda!! on December 30, 1997 at 00:18:10:

One horny man was crossing the desert. He was very horny and
glad to see a camel. He wanted to have SEX with this camel!!
He tried his best but, the camel got scared and started to run
around. But the horny man didn't giveup!

While he was running around with the camel, he saw an airplane
coming down. It was a disaster!!! Everybody died except this
ONE pretty air hostest!

She is very sexy...
He saved her life. The pretty lady thanked him and said " you
saved my life... I am ready to do anything for you." He was so
happy. He asked the pretty woman... "are you are
ready to do anything... for me...". She said, "yes... anything."

The man replied..."could you please hold this camel for me."

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