In the army now!
Posted by RD on December 21, 1997 at 02:17:17:

American, an Australian and an irishman standing outside the Recruitment office waiting for their medicals.
the yank goes in , half hour later comes out grinning from ear to ear.."they dont want me.....medically unfit...classification FF, i cant march, FLAT FEET!!!

the australian goes in next, 1 hour later comes out grinning as well.."they dont want me..medically unfit.....classification FA , i cant march, FALLEN ARCHES!!!

So now its Paddy's turn . One hour goes by, then 2 hrs, then 3. "oh shit , looks like Paddy has had it!!!" says the Aussie. Just then Paddy comes out, grinning the biggest grin you have ever seen.

Were you rejected you too , they shout !! Hooray.

paddy replies, " yes,didnt want me..medically unfit....classification FC.

"FC"??? asks the yank, whats that ??

Paddy replies proudly, yep ....medically unfit.classification FC......i cant march!!.......FUCKING CANCER!!!!

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