Rose Petal O'Toule
Posted by Bres on December 17, 1997 at 23:12:04:

An Irish Priest out for his walk sees a little girl who is just so
cute he must say hello. (in Irish accent) Tell me little girl,
what's your name? Why it's Rose Petal O'Toule she says. The Priest
says, That's a
beautiful name, how did you get it? Well, Father she says, when
I was born my father came to see me, with a rose for my mother,
and a petal fell on me fore head. That's the nicest story I've ever
heard say's the priest. Tell me now, what's your little dogs
name? Porky, she say's. And how did he get such a name? Oh that's
easy Father, he fucks pigs!

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