Toast of Guinness
Posted by Anwar on December 08, 1997 at 09:22:36:

An Irishman goes into a pub and orders 3 cold Guinnesses. The Barman gives him the three drinks which the man drinks one after another. The following week, exactly the same thing happens and being a bit curious, the barman told the Irishman that there was no need to order three at a go as he would gladly serve him one at a time. The Irishman told him that he did not understand. He had a brother in Canada and another in New York and that every Friday all three had a toast to each other. His brothers were doing the same in Canada and New York.
This went on for a few weeks and one Friday the Irishman ordered only two Guinnesses. "Oh!" said the barman. "I'm sorry to think one of your brother might have passed away".
"No, no, that's not it" said the Irishman. "I quit drinking last week".

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